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July 22, 2009

this is my formal apology to myself and the world for letting 6 days go by without an update.  as many trans folx can relate to, i’ve been fighting depression for as long as i can remember.  as i explained to my mom, my emotional landscape goes from gentle sadness to severe depression.  when i get down to a certain level, i have a very hard time allowing myself to create things.  i actually wrote a number of articles in the last week, but most of them remain unfinished and all unpublished.  i made a number of images, but erased them all.  this is normal for me.  but it is not good for a blog.

in related news, i’ve been working on recruiting some of my (creative, fabulous, smartypants) friends to contribute to the blog.  i’d like to one day have a group of editors all making content for the site (email me if your interested!

my friend jos recently was hired by and just wrote a very succinct article on why she doesn’t support hate crimes legislation.  i actually wrote a little something on the subject after leslie mora was attacted a few weeks ago.  i think everyone should spend some time thinking about this, especially because the mainstream LGB movement wants us to blindly follow their assimilationist politics, and presents their agenda as ‘the’ LGBTQ agenda.


header mania

July 16, 2009

in last two days i did some remodeling of the website.  i needed to seperate the news portion of the site from the other stuff so all that good stuff wouldn’t drown in my obsessive news/blog reading addiction.  it feels a little roomier with the new layout, i got the mixedqueer newsfeed page looking good (gotta love that candy theme on gmail).

also,  i made a bunch of new headers, although i ended up using a quickly modified version of the old one, because it’s still my favorite.  here are the other ones i made:

header dino copy

header sneaker copy

header three hearts copy

header lions copy

header pills no stroke copy


thank you kristi

July 15, 2009

i just had to give some credit to my friend kristi who is responsible for the really sweet sculpture of pills i borrowed for my new header. you rock!

okay new layout

July 14, 2009

so regurgitating the news i read is apparently the job of an RSS feed, like fb links, which was originally my inspiration for starting the blog.  if you’ll look over to the left, you’ll see my links, which are 90% news articles.  the content of the blog will now be strictly art, music, and writing.  of course, those links are most of what i’m gonna be writing and illustrating about, so, you know.  read em.  it’s good for you.

KFLG comfy undies

July 13, 2009

new comic!  this time KFLG is practicing what to say to a cis person when you get stuck in one of those education-y moments.

KFLG comfy undies mixedqueer

KFLG bow

July 6, 2009

KFLG — gettin dressed is always a challenge in creativity.

KFLG bow mixedqueer

KFLG comic debut! *sigh*bathrooms.

July 6, 2009

my new comics series starring KFLG and friends.

KFLG bathroom mixed queer

this is KFLG as they approach the dreaded public bathroom moment of doom.