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KFLG bow avitar mixedqueerWith unyielding fierceness and determination I will amplify my voice, build community, gather/disseminate tools and information, and bring revolution to this system we call a country.

e aí?I am
activist, admirer, ally, androgynous, artsy, BDSM, babe, bottom, boy lover, brunette, butch-loving, caring, cat lover, confidant, counselor, creative, cuddly, cute, diva, dork, dreamer, effeminate, FABGLITTER, fabulous, fagdyke, fancy, femme, fey, flirty, fluid, friend, full of love, gender liberationist, genderfuck, girl lover, glittery, intelligent, kinky, LGBTQIOPPS, leftist, lover, loving, male-bodied, masochist, misunderstood, polyamorous, pro-choice, pro-sex feminist, queer, queer liberationist, radical, sassy, sensitive, sex positive, sex radical, shy, sparkly, sweet, switch, trans-loving, transdyke, transfeminist, transperson, veadinhoMQ avitar copy
Who are you?
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  1. femmetastic permalink
    June 17, 2009 4:23 pm

    You forgot sexy. “Twenty four year old, mixed, polyamorous, transgendered, SEXY, dyke.”

    • mixedqueer permalink*
      June 19, 2009 12:03 am

      :blushblush: thanks baby!!

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