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fierce vogue-ing group on ABDC

August 10, 2009

vogue_evolution_580x250omg so i just got back to the states and i’m watchin the season 4 premier of america’s best dance crew (mario lopez is such a cutie!) and out comes VOGUE EVOLUTION, the fiercest group to ever be featured on network tv. straight outta new york city’s ball scene, Dashaun Williams, Devon Webster, Malechi Williams, Leiomy Maldonado, and Jorel Rios are bringing a long history of queer black and latin@ underground dance into american media’s mainstream.  you know i have a soft spot for my fellow trans folx so i wanna highlight leiomy, she is beyond fabulous, and i was blown away by her energy on stage.  i hope i can work my body with pride and confidence like that someday.  anyway, super psyched on vogue evolution, massive amounts of love and support to them.

from their bio on mtv:

The guys [sic], who were once competitors in the underground “ball” scene, decided to take ABDC by storm and create a performing group under the direction of Devon and Dashaun. What they came up with was the best of the best in their scene. But dancing isn’t the only thing these guys do. They have a hand in educating their community on HIV/AIDS and the importance of getting tested.

The crew is a dance power house group. Each member has surpassed incredible feats at young ages, from numerous awards to appearances on television. More notably, Pony choreographed for Mariah Carey and Dashaun is even the creator of the “5,000” dance move.

Why does Vogue Evolution think they’ll take the ABDC crown? “Our style has been replicated by so many people that do not execute the specific steps correctly,” Dashuan says. “We as a crew selected the best from the scene to show the mainstream where it’s from.”

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