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‘phobia of self’ by shanice thompson

July 28, 2009

Phobia of Self:

Ya know what is petrifying about Darkness?
in darkness, we are alone
and forced to be more aware of ourselves than ever before
and that’s intimidating.
is it possible to have a phobia of self?
Or is this another dead tangent in my thoughts.
Phobia of self.
in being over aware and over analyzing of ourselves
at some point or one point
we see and feel what we are made of
we see and feel what we are capable of doing
whether it be ‘bad’ or ‘good’
‘evil’ or ‘righteous’
we are now at a realization
and at this realization
we become unsure of how to keep going
because there’s always an option that we can’t permit ourselves to take
whether it be because of morals or ethics or…fear
and at this point of uncertainty
we are really at a phobia of self
or a phobia of self-realization

Shanice Thompson

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