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the white gay male speaks — surprise, it’s ugly

July 4, 2009

i always read the comments section of blogs, youtube vids, and reviews.  it’s an underappreciated appendex to any topic. youtube tends to make my stomach turn as i imagine angry teenagers when reading the vitriolic comments. recipe reviews, the comments section is the way i choose one pancake recipe out of 8,000,000 results.  and bilerico is a wonderful microcasm of voices ranging from the abolitionist left to the blind neo-liberal assimilationist.

one particular commentor on monica roberts’ article criticising the absence of trans people of color at the recent LGBT summit with the president is very upset at this suggestion.  the agitation in the comments is viceral, and you can taste their sense of privilege like a thick stink.  it’s almost like a satire.  it’d be funny if it wasn’t representative of such a dominating chunk of our LGBTQ community.

oh yea, his user name is justice, ha!

Really? Is this serious?

The president of the United States of America is having a get together with the gay and lesbian community and is openly taking pictures with them and honoring their service as Americans. Of all the wonderful things that this means, you are complaining that there were not enough black transgendered people there? Seriously? The PRESIDENT of the United States is hosting this function and you are upset that there are too many whites there? This site has some great authors, but many of you come across as incredibly racist and childish. The last few articles I have read from black authors are very demeaning to white people, especially white gay men. This kind of militant thinking turns people off and pushes them away.

The fact that the president is addressing these issues, minus his MANY mistakes in this department as of late, is an amazing and wonderful thing. I suppose you just cant make some people happy.

Maybe its because I have never identified myself by my skin color or my sexuality, but this constant need for gays and lesbians to define themselves by the minute details of their lives is mind boggling. We arent just human beings, we are white, gay, bottom, twinks with bear fetishes. We arnt just Woman, we are black, transgendered, straight identifying, sexually oppressed, lipstick lesbian-esque womyn. It really has gone from self indulgent to bizarre and counter productive.

We should be fighting the forces that at are trying to remove our rights, not decrying the people who didnt include enough indigenous hispanic transgendered midgets, to the Presidents LGBT meeting. I mean come on, the president of the united states is black AND addressing Stonewall. When is enough, enough?

This may come as a surprise, but many of us in the gay and lesbian community dont care if our particular race is included in these functions as long as our rights are obtained. Feel free to bar all the white gay males from any of these functions, I just want my rights please.

This just comes of petty and childish. I am sure you have good intentions, but the overtly PC attention that we are placing on very important issues is helping no one and hurting us all. We need to grow up and move past this divisive nonsense. There are real problems out there people and they dont involve how many black transgendered people are seen with the president. They involve young men and woman who are killing themselves because they dont feel wanted or loved.

When these kids kill themselves, the last thing they are worried about is how many black transgendered folks are having photo ops with the POTUS.

he continues after the jump.

then he disagrees with a well-intentioned-liberal:

Actually, you are incorrect. What is most important about these events is that they accomplish the goals that they have set forth. Having ex amount of blacks or gays at a function is not the mission at hand, its equality. The last time I checked, I wasnt in the street protesting prop 8 because there were too far few black trans people shown opposing the proposition. As hard as this is to understand, not everything is about you and your particular “identity”.

Fact of the matter, the majority of us dont care about how many ethnic faces are at any given event, we want our equality. While you are entitled to be overly sensitive and PC, we are entitled to call out the nonsense and ask that the important problems in our struggle are addressed.

All of this inclusive LGBTQAII nonsense is pushing people away. We are trying to come together as a community to fight oppression and instead of joining the battle, we are arguing over what medals we should be wearing to the field. Where are all the gay men in the transgendered political groups? If we were to have a gay male group only, would the transgendered people not scream offense? Why do I not care if I am not included in the transgendered group? Because, I, like many people are worried about results, not feel good politics.

This is a war people, not a sleep over. Your feelings about inclusiveness are not as important as the end result. If gay and trans people finally find equality, you can then complain about not seeing enough black trans people at every event. The opposition is making a mockery of this overtly PC inclusion that is tearing the community apart. For all intents and purposes, transgendered people are an entirely different mix and why they are even involved with the gay or lesbian struggle is beyond many of us. Obviously we welcome everyone to fight for diversity, but in the name of “inclusiveness” you have alienated a large amount of us.

Send Ellen Degenerres to speak for us and win us our rights and I can promise you that the majority of us would be completely happy with the end result. It wouldnt matter how many of us “scary homophobic privileged white gay men” are there or not.

By this authors standards, what if I were to say I felt that the transgendered/gay people present were not inclusive to my particular ethnicity? How many German Americans were there? Contrary to public discourse, not all white people are from England. How many overweight gay people? How many muscular? Midgets? What if the hispanic trans folks had skin that wasnt the right shade for me to feel as if I were included? How many rich people? I want to make sure that poor gays and lesbians are equally seen and heard. How many spoke Spanish? What about our Asian brothers and sisters, who there spoke Japanese only? As a masculine gay man, can I be assured the president understands that not all gay men wear lipstick, walk effeminately or talk with lisps? Drag queens, how many drag queens were present, they have feelings too. I know many Indian gays and lesbians, were they invited? What about the atheists? God forbid the POTUS know that some of us gays and transgendered people dont believe in fairy tales. If I have to respect everyone elses feelings, at the expense of progress, then you have to respect mine, no matter how silly you think they are.

So you see the problem? When inclusiveness becomes the end all result, there are no other results. You can never be all inclusive, its impossible. So instead of taking a melanin count for all guests, we need to focus on what we are accomplishing.

And to be polite and fair, I would ask that if you are going to address something I said, please do so by replying to my comment. Its rather passive aggressive to demonstrate your intolerance of my sense of humor, without personally addressing me. Its not my responsibility to assume you have a sense of humor or understand sarcasm. If you are going to react to a joke by telling me to “go F myself” (which is pretty much what you said), then please write your next reply in crayon, so I may know before hand what to expect.

We are trying to fight for equality, we dont have time for childishness. Contrary to what you may think, its possible to disagree on obsessive PC logic AND still be a liberal democrat.

By the way, its LGBT, not GLBT. You just offended a bunch of feminist lesbians by placing the male patriarch first in our acronym. Remember, we must respect EVERYONES feelings and wishes, least we be Sarah Palin or Tea Party organizers apparently.
Justice | July 3, 2009 1:19 AM
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the mind boggles.

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