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gay bashing from bros to popos

July 2, 2009

disturbing.  i’ll give a quick rundown of the incidents i read about, but i suggest checking out the links (and the comments on each) for more detailed descriptions.  please spread this around!  it’s not like we’re gonna be hearing about these incidents on cnn anytime soon.

from waymon@bilerico:

from portland

  • harassment out side of gay bars.
  • woman got her nose broken by violent homophobe.
  • man gets punched in the face by another violent homophobe.
  • police respond to these events by harassing queers and patrons of bar, while failing to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation.
  • trans woman assaulted on public transportation, police refuse to file a report.

from alex@bilerico:

  • a lesbian couple hosting a political fundraiser in san diego before it got stormed by police pursuing a neighbor’s false noise complaint. they showed up in 8 patrol cars and a helicopter.
  • in lansing, gay rights leaders are involved in a fight with the police department’s gay entrapment program. Police have been sending in undercover police officers to arrest people for even talking about sex in the park.

please note that some of these bullet points are directly quoted from the referenced pages.

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  1. July 2, 2009 1:15 pm

    Thank you for this initial work.

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