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stonewall was a riot!

June 27, 2009

although i celebrated pride a few weeks ago in sao paulo, the event originally was a commemoration of the riots at the stonewall inn, nyc, on friday, june 27, 1969.  my lovely friend wes has written a quick piece on the history at no place like homo.  also, i just found this great radio documentary “remembering stonewall” by david isay, made for the 20th anniversary of stonewall, which includes many of the revolutionaries that were in attendance on that historic day.

new york is celebrating their pride 2009 this weekend, and to my utter disgust, all the fight and history has been thoroughly whitewashed from the event.  forty years ago, our elders were slamming abusive police officers in the face with their heels, flipping cars, and hurling molotov cocktails.  today, rather than properly remembering these brave souls, nyc wants us to “shop ’til you drop.”

well i say FUCK THAT.  so does the ever-fierce QEJ (queers for economic justice) in a piece co-penned by yasmine farhang, a bad-ass radical of my acquaintance (kenyon farrow is the other author, bad-ass as well, i’m sure).  they point out that four decades later, we’re still facing discrimination and violence from police.

i encourage all my fellow queers to resist brand name consumption and insist our radical legacy be the reason we march tomorrow.  fight the assimilationist agenda!

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