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orgulho gay sao paulo 2009

June 19, 2009

woo!!! it’s been days and i’m still all hyped up over sao paulo’s 13th gay pride celebration.  at 3 million queers (give or take a few hets here and there), it’s the world’s largest! the theme was ‘sem homofobia, mais cidadania — pela isonomia dos direitos!’ which loosely translated means ‘less homophobia, more citizenship — equal rights!’

june 14 2009 014

i had been to some of the parties leading up to the event.  friday night at aloca was a blast, a really mixed crowd with an emphasis on making out in the dark corners of the grotto style club.  i made bffs with this cool girl lilian who dragged me around introducing me to cuties and making me laugh with her bilingual, highly animated comedy.  obviously i wanted to kiss her but she had already made up her mind i was a fay boy and therefore lacked the nessesary equipment to be eligable (vagina).  this happens to me all the time, so i’ve hardened my little heart against the disappointment of meeting queer girls but having a boy body, an therefore being invisible or relegated to ‘gay best friend.’  i’m working on my portuguese so i’ll be able to clarify my gender identity in the future.  saturday SUUCKED cause i went to the week, which is a super ritzy, super gigantic, super male place for shirtless gym men to strut around wearing oakley sunglasses.  the entire night (which lasted till 7am) was spent being alternately elbowed and ignored by Maleness.  definately not my scene.  they did serve acai though (that’s ah-sah-EE, folx), and usually i get much less grumpy after i get a little food in my tummy.

i took a quick nap then sprung out of bed,  iced down the bags under my eyes, and headed to avenida paulista for the big event!  accompanied by my glam-tastic sister, we hit the corner of the parade right as the second float danced past.  i took the opportunity to run under that big quarter mile rainbow flag, then we promptly turned around and went against the crowd.  i couldn’t help thinking how appropriately metaphorical it was that i wanted to go in the opposite direction of everyone else.  omg but i was ALL SMILES surrounded by a lot of genderqueerz!  i was a little scared after the previous nights’ experiences that i was alone in my genderfucked existance, but thank GOODNESS i just don’t know where the party’s at!  omg the QUEENS were FIERCE so many sequins on such skimpy costumes!  and feathers!  and many other shades of the non-bianary spectrum were en force.

so after walking three or four blocks against the current (took at least an hour or two), the last float disco-beats by and sissy pants and i divert down a side street to catch up to the front again.  we end up somewhere in the middle, but they’re playing black eyed peas’ boom boom pow and we obviously have to join the procession.  a few blocks down the floats are stopping and there’s just a SEA of people dancing and cruising.  actually a cute fay boy came up to me and we communicated in my broken portuguese that his friend thought i was cute, then his cute gq friend came over and asked to kiss me!  i was flattered! but shy of course, my toe was pushin at some loose gravel by my feet.  we kissed a little an then i squeeled and ran off with my sister to get some food.  that’s pretty much it, some more cruising, three sexy ass boys said some nice things to me and i blushed deep, then it got dark and i crashed for at least 12 hours.  i’ll let my sister’s pics fill in any blanks:

(okay theyr’e all ginormous sized, i promise to get them up tomorrow after some resizing)

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