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rockstar energy drink threatens bilerico project with lawsuit

June 10, 2009

so rockstar energy drink has never been one of my regular beverage choices, but if i would have picked one up before, i might think twice now.  it’s not the allegedly inaccurate statements made on the bilerico blog which stated that shock-jock michael savage was part of the rockstar company.  thanks to rockstar’s attempted (il)legal bullying of upstanding journalists like bil browning, i am now aware that the company is founded and owned by the weiner family (russell weiner, ceo, son of savage, and janet weiner, director, tresurer, secretary, wife of savage).  since i don’t live in san fransisco (yet) i was only vaguely aware of savage’s talk show, and the politics of the weiner family.  now that this issue has been brought to light, i’ve done a little research, and i know that the weiner family has publicly voiced their conservative, hateful politics, and i will probably chose to avoid rockstar products in the future.

from bilerico:

Rockstar threatened several other bloggers and Facebook users with legal action – including Michael for his crosspost on The company’s legal team also contacted,,,, and So Cal Voice.

Rockstar energy drink threatens Bilerico Project with lawsuit | The Bilerico Project.

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